Frequently Asked Questions

When using the Canada Golf Card, please be respectful and courteous to all our great golf course employees. These staff members may be new or inexperienced with the Canada Golf Card and we wish for everyone to have a fantastic experience with our product. Enjoy!

How do I book a tee time?

Call in advance for a tee time at the course you want to golf (just as you regularly do). Mention on the call that you have a Canada Golf Card membership and will be using it for your round of golf. Show up and present your phone with the Canada Golf Card app or present your Canada Golf Card and enjoy your member savings. Remember, all offers are to be used in order they appear and are based on regular green fees only unless otherwise stated! 

Are the discounts for 9 or 18 Holes?

Unless otherwise stated, all discounts are based on 18 holes. Exceptions occur for 9 holes, however most courses only offer the discount on a full 18 hole green fee.

How do I use my new Canada Golf Card Membership?

After purchasing your card, you will need to register the card number and create an account. If you've purchased your card through this website, you will be prompted to register as part of the purchase process.

What is the refund policy when I purchase the Canada Golf Card from this website?

All sales from this website are final; we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

The course listing is changing with new offers and courses, how do I keep up?

Check back before heading out to a game, or every couple of weeks. Favourite courses in order to keep track of your best offers!

The course I play is not listed, why?

We would love to have every course in Canada and the USA listed, however some courses choose not to participate. If your favorite course is not listed, perhaps mention it to the Manager and have them contact Canada Golf Card for more info. Our program is a great way to increase course awareness and if the demand is shown, often they will want to join up!

A course that was listed, does not seem to be listed any longer?

On few occasions, courses may be de-listed from the program. There are many reasons this could happen and we prefer that it not, however our program is subject to change without notice. We will work hard to continue to offer you many courses that you can save at. During covid this will and has happened in greater frequency due to restrictions imposed.

Can I share my membership with a friend?

No, all memberships must be registered and put in your name. A course may ask for ID to ensure that your card is being used by the registered owner.

Can I buy more than one membership to use under my account?

Yes you may buy other memberships to use (once you max out a loyalty program at a specific course and you wish to do so again) however the registered owner is the only person that may redeem that card that day.

Can I send a membership as a gift?

Yes, simply buy the membership and fill out the shipping address to the person you wish to send it to, but do not register the membership under yourself or your account.

I accidentally registered two memberships and one was meant for another person.

Use the form under the contract us page and let us know, we will get it right for you!

Will I have an issue redeeming this card at the courses?

No, the system has been set up to be easy for you and the course. However if you do encounter an issue, please call at at 403-981-6757 and we can help with the process over the phone.

Where is the free range finder and score tracker?

The members only range finder is located within the course profile pages of the Canada Golf Card App. Some courses do not have that available, please select your course and see if it has the Yardage icon. The Score Tracker is located within the app by selecting the scores tracker.

How much does the app cost and which platforms is it available for?

The Canada Golf Card app is free with the purchase and registration of your Canada Golf Card. 

Do you send me a physical membership card after purchase?

Only if you select that option at purchase for $5. Otherwise we no longer mail physical cards, we always suggest using our APP for the best experience, however there is a printable card that you may print at home in your account profile. Our APP features easy to use mapping, simple offer redemption, a favourite course feature,  a FREE members only Range Finder and you can call each golf course from your phone to book your tee times with the pro shop!

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